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 The French Alps

Considering the distance, this is a full-day tour (maximum duration is 9 hours comprised between 8.00 am and 7.00 pm), that shows a rare geographical feature proper to the French Riviera : the proximity between high mountains and a sea. Just an hour away from the Mediterranean, the scenery changes radically to become truly alpine. The so-called "Azurean Alps" include peaks above 6500 ft, 17 ski-resorts, one of the seven French National Parks (le Mercantour), plenty of way-marked hiking trails.

That tour can start from Monaco, Nice or Cannes and enables to discover the whole river Var valley : from Nice to the little village of Guillaumes, it becomes narrower and narrower, steeper and steeper ; some villages, like Tout, are truly hung to the rock faces ; other like Entrevaux, a waterfed citadel, look like absolute movie sets.

The colour of the rocks changes very sometimes : greyish at first, it becomes red-brown very suddenly and provides beautiful contrasts with the grey-blue waters. In season rafters and canoers fight with the rapids.

This tour reaches its highest point 4500 ft above sea level, at Valberg, a middle-size ski-resort of the French Alps, where there's a whole bunch of restaurants for a good mountain lunch.

Of all the tours proposed, this is the one that shows something else than the usual glamourous  image of the French Riviera.

Conditions :

As we are tour specialists, our goal is to help you harmonize your choices to build a well-balanced product. Tours and transfers can be created to suit any timetable.

Standard duration :

Half-day service - maximum duration is 4 hours comprised between 8.00 am and 7.00 pm. Above this package, additionnal hours are billed.

Full-day service - maximum duration is 9 hours comprised between 8.00 am and 7.00 pm. Above this package, additionnal hours are billed.

 Evening service - maximum duration is 5 hours comprised between 7.00 pm and midnight. After midnight, additionnal hours are billed.

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