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 Antibes, Biot and Vallauris

Antibes and Nice watch each other from each side of the Bay ; they share a 2000-year-old history and a border, that they were still guarding from their respective sides, less than 150 years ago. A river was then separating France from the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia ;  Italian was spoken in Nice and French in Antibes.

Nice has lost everything from its past of a border-town, Antibes conserves a good part of its fortifications, to start with the so-called "Fort Carré" (literally meaning "Square Fortress") that overlooks the largest marina of the French Riviera ; there's an amazing number of big yachts docked in this marina.

From the pier, once passed the arches of the bastions, a 5' walk is enough to enter the historical heart of Antibes, a little square, where the manycoloured façade of the Cathedral and the one, white and austere, of the Grimaldi Castle are facing each other. This Castle shelters today the Picasso Museum.

Picasso worked in the Castle in the summer of 1946.Then, once the vacations over, he left all of his works on site to make a museum of it, on condition that the works are never lent to other institutions, so that if people want to see the "Picassos" of Antibes, they simply have to come to Antibes. The "Joy of Life", that expresses all the happiness of the painter at that post-war time, is the major work of the collection.

The Safranier section, then the indoor local market are two steps away from the Castle ; this is generally where the walking tour finishes.

As Antibes is located between Cannes and Nice, a half-day tour of this town can either starting from one of those two places.

Very central, Antibes combines perfectly as a full-day tour with Biot, reputed for its glass manufacture, Cannes, Grasse, Nice, St Paul(see descriptions in the corresponding pages).  Vallauris provides also a good second part of a tour, since it used to be one of the residences of Picasso as well ; the painter has left large frescoes ("War and Peace") in the Romanesque chapel of the Castle in Vallauris.

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